GovernmentRisk360® is applied to organisations or projects through a number of products to assess government risk. These products provide reporting inputs to support broader risk management and government engagement planning.

Our products range from entry level reports and workshops, bespoke reports assessing government risk impact due to internal or external factors and our flagship Risk Reviews where we apply the methodology to assess the government risk profile of a Project or Organisation.


Self-Assessment Checklist

The Self-Assessment Checklist provides an entry-level framework for organisations to undertake their own high level analysis of risk indicators through the GovernmentRisk360® methodology. The intention of this review is to provide insight into areas of possible exposure and to provide a new perspective for assessing government risk or providing context for issues already under active management. Over time, we would expect that through either change in the external environment or in internal operations, the response to this checklist will change and we encourage it to be utilised on a regular basis as a review process and as part of a broader strategic planning approach.

The Self-Assessment Checklist is best suited to those wishing to quickly assess their government related risk profile to understand, at a high-level, their potential areas of exposure.

GovernmentRisk360® Workshop

The GovernmentRisk360 workshop provides an introduction to the concept of government risk and an opportunity to explore how the methodology can be applied in a range of scenarios. Applicable for public sector or non-government organisations, the standard two-hour workshop allows for an exploration of the six categories and range of indicators that form the basis of the methodology. Attendees will learn the principles of government risk and how it impacts on their role, whether as risk professionals, corporate affairs leaders or project managers.

Workshops are delivered online or in person and can be tailored to the appropriate level, whether C-Suite or operational teams. In addition to commissioned workshops, regular scheduled workshops are facilitated throughout the year and upcoming workshops are notified via our Linkedin page.

CASE STUDY: A GR360® introductory workshop was delivered to risk professionals in a state government health authority who used the session to test and explore their current approach to risk management and using the GR360® concept to translate those aspects across their organisation.

Risk Assessment (Report)

A Risk Assessment undertakes a review of external issues that may impact on an organisation and is a report on what has happened or is happening in an external context and what that may mean for an organisation or project. An example may be an announcement of a new policy or government inquiry into an industry sector and the flow on effects through a GR360® context.

CASE STUDY: A new CEO of a public sector statutory authority commissioned a Risk Assessment of a recently implemented legislative change in another jurisdiction and the government risk factors that may be present and impacting on their organisation as a result. The report was then used to inform the new CEO on specific issues of the operating jurisdiction and to assist identify potential mitigation and preparation efforts.

Risk Scenario (Report)

A Risk Scenario assesses a specific external issue that may impact on an organisation focussing on change and what could happen considering the historical context, jurisdictional precedents, policy platform and patterns and known unknowns. An example may be the impact on a government or non-government organisation due to a potential change of government in a state jurisdiction.

CASE STUDY: A major FMCG firm commissioned a Risk Scenario on what impact a change of government would have on the operations of a firm in a certain state jurisdiction. The report assessed comparative policy statements, political philosphies, on record commentary and known project or stakeholder bias to outline both risks and opportunities for the firm across operational, policy and relationship outcomes.

Risk Analysis (Report)

Taking a single aspect of the GR360® methodology and magnifying its effects, this report assesses an organisation’s risk exposure, highlights potential areas of concern and supports mitigation through a variety of approaches and by considering both external and internal risks. An example would be what is the impact of a deteriorating Budget environment in a state jurisdiction and what this means for a public sector organisation leading up to the next election.


CASE STUDY: A strategy and policy executive within a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) commissioned a Risk Analysis to explore what issues relating to the current financial health of their operating jurisdiction would mean for the operating environment for the SOE and how government risk would be elevated as a result. The delivered report was then included in the annual planning and strategy cycle of the organisation.

Project Risk Review

A Project Risk Review focuses on a discrete project underway or about to commence and outlines succinct commentary for the range of identified indicators under each Risk Category to assess the government risk profile as it applies to the particular project (or major reform in a public sector context).

A Project Risk Review is undertaken as a bespoke project with the client and includes several stages of client engagement to identify priority areas and responses to exploratory queries and the provision of interim, draft and final reports and presentation of to internal stakeholders.

CASE STUDY: A government department was preparing to commence a major legislative reform project with significant stakeholder interest and complexity. The project leader commissioned a Project Risk Review to provide a comprehensive overview of the government risk profile in play as it related to the reform. Risks and opportunities were identifed across the six risk categories to provide a detailed platform for future action. The  Review then formed a key part of the project management toolkit to help the project team navigate the project to a succesful conclusion.

Organisational Risk Review

Our flagship GovernmentRisk360® product, an Organisational Risk Review encompasses deep engagement with the client through a series of structured steps in order to deliver a comprehensive review of an organisation’s government risk profile to outline potential exposure, barriers and opportunities for action and change.

An Organisational Risk Review is undertaken as a bespoke project with the client and includes several stages of client engagement to identify priority areas and responses to exploratory queries and the provision of interim, draft and final reports and presentation to internal stakeholders.

CASE STUDY: A Corporate Affairs GM of an ASX 200 firm commissioned an Organisational Risk Review to help them understand what issues where impacting their industry and organisation and what factors required immediate action. The Review was a comprehensive point in time assessment of key government risk factors and trending issues that had a likelihood of significant impact in the near future.

The GM used the Review as a ‘call to arms’ for their team to question the operational and other divisions of the firm to actively respond to each identified matter to ensure proactive steps for mitigation were undertaken.

Government Risk Management

FPL Advisory combines the detailed risk review and planning with our strong project management and stakeholder engagement skills to support you across longer term management of government related risks.

Once risks and opportunities are identified, it is also critical to recognise where and how your efforts are best spent, particularly in the context of your existing governance and operational structure. We provide a comprehensive offering of strategies to lay the foundation for appropriate management of your risks and opportunities.

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No one can predict the future but you can prepare for it. Assessing potential government decisions and understanding how and where changes in policy will impact an organisation is key to minimising adverse outcomes and maximising opportunities.

This E-Book provides an overview of the GovernmentRisk360® methodology.