GovernmentRisk360® is applied to organisations or projects through a number of tools to assess government risk which provide reporting inputs to broader risk management and government engagement planning.

The Self-Assessment Checklist

The Self-Assessment Checklist provides an entry-level framework for organisations to undertake their own high level analysis of risk indicators through the GovernmentRisk360® methodology. The intention of this review is to provide insight into areas of possible exposure and to provide a new perspective for assessing government risk or providing context for issues already under active management. Over time, we would expect that through either change in the external environment or in internal operations, the response to this checklist will change and we encourage it to be utilised on a regular basis as a review process and as part of a broader strategic planning approach.

The Self-Assessment Checklist is best suited to those wishing to quickly assess their government related risk profile to understand, at a high-level, their potential areas of exposure.

Risk Review

The Risk Review is a detailed but digestible bespoke report that outlines succinct commentary for a range of identified indicators under each Risk Category. It can be applied to assess a specific project or for an organisation to assess their environment holistically. The Risk Review is accompanied by a response template that allows for a response to each identified risk such as current and future actions to manage the risk. Like the Self-Assessment Checklist, it is a point in time assessment and suited to a proactive assessment of the state of play to inform decision-making, including as an input to strategic planning processes.

The Risk Review is best suited to those seeking an independent review of their risk profile, that combines our unique insight into the history and direction of potential government decisions and detailed analysis of the risk exposures.

Sector Analysis

Across industries, some risk indicators will be similar, such as regulatory issues or the timeframe for the next election. To support industries with more consistent issues and constrained resources, we apply GovernmentRisk360® to assess government related risks facing sectors. While higher-level than a detailed Risk Review, a commissioned Sector Analysis will provide insight and a new perspective on emerging issues within industry that could point to government policy shifts.

A number of existing Sector Analysis reports are available on request or contact us for a commissioned Sector Analysis in your field of interest.

Government Risk Management

FPL Advisory combines the detailed risk review and planning with our strong project management and stakeholder engagement skills to support you across longer term management of government related risks.

Once risks and opportunities are identified, it is also critical to recognise where and how your efforts are best spent, particularly in the context of your existing governance and operational structure. We provide a comprehensive offering of strategies to lay the foundation for appropriate management of your risks and opportunities.

The GovernmentRisk360® E-Book

No one can predict the future but you can prepare for it. Assessing potential government decisions and understanding how and where changes in policy will impact an organisation is key to minimising adverse outcomes and maximising opportunities.

This E-Book provides an overview of the GovernmentRisk360® methodology.