Implementation – how do you use it?

The outsized influence of government creates its own ecosystem of uncertainty which impacts on all entities from corporate firms through public sector organisations and non-profits must navigate.

GovernmentRisk360® provides a framework to analyse areas of possible exposure to this uncertainty and to open the door to a new perspective for assessing an organisation’s risk. While we recognise that most organisations actively manage these risks in various forms, the methodology systematically maps these risks so that they can be effectively integrated into strategic planning, risk management and other functions as well as clearly tracked over time.

Who would use it?

Applying the GovernmentRisk360® methodology to assist strategic planning is relevant for personnel and organisations across a range of roles and sectors including:

  • A Corporate Affairs Director of a listed firm commissioning a GovernmentRisk360® Organisational Risk Review to demonstrate to the wider business the purpose and context of government engagement activity
  • A CEO of a new public sector statutory authority undertaking a GovernmentRisk360® Project Risk Review to identify risks and opportunities for the successful implementation of the new regulatory body
  • Executive Director of an industry association commissioning a GovernmentRisk360® Sector Risk Review to explore the multi-jurisdictional risk factors in play for the relevant industry
  • A CEO of a for-purpose social enterprise undertaking a GovernmentRisk360® Self-Assessment Checklist to better understand the risk position of the organisation given the heavy reliance on government program funding
  • A Director of a public sector policy reform unit undertaking a GovernmentRisk360® Project Risk Review to provide an independent assessment of government related risks to provide confidence to senior leadership that the range of risks are manageable and politically palatable.

We would expect organisations to see change in their risk profile through either change in the external environment or in internal operations. GovernmentRisk360® provides the tools to highlight these changes so that organisations can respond in new ways to manage risks appropriately.