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About GovernmentRisk360®

GovernmentRisk360® provides the methodology to separate and define government risk across six categories with associated indicators to provide analysis on the operating environment of an organisation, project or issue. The methodology considers both external risks, where government decisions impact on an organisation, and internal risks, where the actions of an organisation change their relationship with government. While GovernmentRisk360® has universal application, it has been designed with an Australian domestic focus for firms and organisations currently or potentially operating in Australia.

About Steve

Steve leads the range of activities and advisory services undertaken by FPL Advisory for clients in the private, government and not-for-profit sectors.

Steve has significant experience in developing and delivering long term reform programs for clients in addition to strategic engagement advice and execution activities.

With experience as an adviser and Chief of Staff and his previous and current roles in the corporate sector, Steve has a comprehensive understanding of the tensions and demands across the government, business and not-for-profit divide.

With significant experience across many industries, he also has a range of specific policy and commercial interests including inter-generational issues, regulatory disruption and the inherent logic of flexible workplaces for the evolving economy.

Steve holds a Master of Commerce (International Trade and Business) and holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic and Communications). He is also a Member of the Institute of Engineers, a Certified Practising Engineer (CPEng) and holds Engineering Executive status.

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“There is a growing expectation for public sector Executives, Corporate Affairs leaders, stakeholder relations professionals and media advisors to be all seeing and all knowing on government related risk – and to be able to read the tea-leaves to predict government activity before even government itself knows. GovernmentRisk360® is a unique Australian tool to support organisations to systematically manage this uncertainty, even where the future remains opaque.”

Steve Cusworth – FPL Advisory