No one can predict the future but you can prepare for it. Assessing potential government decisions and understanding how and where changes in policy will impact an organisation is key to minimising adverse outcomes and maximising opportunities.


Government has a profound impact, positive and negative, on the operations and activity of all organisations. While no one can anticipate every outcome of future government decisions, understanding how and where changes in policy could impact an organisation is possible – and key to preparing your organisation with the right information and strategy to respond.

Many organisations actively manage risks arising from government decisions in various forms, but face challenges in assessing these in a methodical way that systematically maps their risk profile so that it can be effectively integrated into strategic planning, risk management and other functions and tracked over time.

GovernmentRisk360® provides the methodology to separate and define government risk across six categories with associated indicators to provide analysis on the operating environment of an organisation, project or issue. The methodology considers both external risks, where government decisions impact on an organisation, and internal risks, where the actions of an organisation change their relationship with government. While GovernmentRisk360® has universal application, it has been designed with an Australian domestic focus for firms and organisations currently or potentially operating in Australia.


About FPL Advisory

GovernmentRisk360® is a methodology built on years of political and policy experience developed working within government and for corporate, public sector, non-profit and membership association clients in managing their interactions and activity with government.

It was developed by FPL Advisory, a team of specialists resolving risks and creating opportunities with respect to government. We work with clients to execute strategies for owning and managing change.

FPL Advisory help organisations in uncertain or changing environments identify strategic goals and potential risks and undertake analysis to develop robust policy positions. We also assist in engaging with key stakeholders including government decision makers, communicating policy positions and securing project and policy outcomes.

Risk Categories

Political Risk

External changes in the political landscape, focused on matters such as electoral cycles, government stability and other localised political events.

Regulatory Risk

Where a change in government regulation creates new conditions on operations (such as packaging or promotion restrictions).

Operational Risk

Where a shift in government focus or policy disrupt business inputs (such as energy policy settings) required for normal business operations.

Reputation Risk

Where an organisation’s actions impact on their licence to operate and hamper their ability to engage with government stakeholders.

Compliance Risk

Created through an organisation’s or industry’s failure to address or enforce critical compliance criteria which could trigger an escalated government policy or regulatory response.

Opportunity Risk

Where an organisation has limited visibility or influence of government stakeholders, relationships, institutions or policy settings and so are unable to realise opportunities.

“There is a growing expectation for public sector Executives, Corporate Affairs leaders, stakeholder relations professionals and media advisors to be all seeing and all knowing on government related risk – and to be able to read the tea-leaves to predict government activity before even government itself knows. GovernmentRisk360® is a unique Australian tool to support organisations to systematically manage this uncertainty, even where the future remains opaque.”

Steve Cusworth – FPL Advisory