GovernmentRisk360® is a methodology to systematically capture risks that arise from government activity to inform an organisation’s strategic decision-making.

If you are a public sector leader managing complex reform, a corporate affairs professional required to manage your organisation’s reputation and social license or a risk professional seeking to engage the rest of your business in the need to manage all risks, GovernmentRisk360® is designed for you.

How governments in Australia have responded to the COVID-19 emergency demonstrates the levers available to intervene in every business or organisation and is an extreme demonstration of government risk – the GovernmentRisk360® methodology provides a framework to assess what levers may apply to your organisation both in extreme events and ‘normal’ operations.

Political Risk

External changes in the political landscape, focused on matters such as electoral cycles, government stability and other localised political events.

Regulatory Risk

Where a change in government regulation creates new conditions on operations (such as packaging or promotion restrictions).

Operational Risk

Where a shift in government focus or policy disrupt business inputs (such as energy policy settings) required for normal business operations.

Reputation Risk

Where an organisation’s actions impact on their licence to operate and hamper their ability to engage with government stakeholders.

Compliance Risk

Created through an organisation’s or industry’s failure to address or enforce critical compliance criteria which could trigger an escalated government policy or regulatory response.

Opportunity Risk

Where an organisation has limited visibility or influence of government stakeholders, relationships, institutions or policy settings and so are unable to realise opportunities.

The outsized influence of government creates its own ecosystem of uncertainty which everyone from corporate firms through public sector organisations and non-profits must navigate.

GovernmentRisk360® is a methodology to systematically capture risks that arise from government activity in an Australian domestic context and while GovernmentRisk360® has universal application, it has been designed with an Australian domestic focus for firms and organisations currently or potentially operating in Australia.

The methodology is applied to client projects including bespoke Project or Organisational Risk Reviews, commissioned sector analysis and as reporting inputs to broader risk management and government engagement planning.

It is applicable to the private, public and non-profit sector and it is a proactive tool to understand, assess and mitigate the impacts of anticipated government related risks on an organisation’s mission.

The GovernmentRisk360® E-Book

No one can predict the future but you can prepare for it. Assessing potential government decisions and understanding how and where changes in policy will impact an organisation is key to minimising adverse outcomes and maximising opportunities.

This E-Book provides an overview of the GovernmentRisk360® methodology. 

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